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Resale Center - Buy or Sell Marriott Vacation Club Timeshare weeks or Marriott Destination Club Points memberships

Destination Points membership resales explained

Historically Marriott sold only weeks. If you owned a week and wanted to sell it the process was pretty much like selling any property.

A few years ago, Marriott changed to their Destination Points system where instead of buying a week, you buy a quantity of points and become a member of the Destination Points system. These points allow you to make reservations at any Marrott resort (if you have enough points), whereas a weeks owner can only reserve in the week/season they own.

Just like a week can be sold / purchased in the resale market, so too can a  Destination Points membership be sold / purchased in the resale market, and this website supports that.  There are a number of fees Marriott charges as part of the process. If you post a Destination Points membership resale listing and find an interested buyer, this website recommends broker assistance   for completing the resale transaction.

How our Marriott resales work

As an owner or broker, you can list a Marriott property or a Marriott Destination Points membership for resale on this site, and visitors to the site may see your listing and contact you to complete a transaction with you.  There are no fees of any kind charged by ownertrades.com when you complete a resale transaction with a site visitor.

Resale listings cost $15 each and run for a up to a year from the date they are posted, at which time they are automatically de-activated without notice.  It is the responsibility of the listing party to keep track of when listings expire, and to renew them (which requires paying the $15 listing fee) for another year if desired.

Placing a Marriott Vacation Club resale listing

You must have an account with ownertrades.com in order to list a Marriott timeshare property or a Marriott Destination Points membership for resale.  Listings by owners and by brokers are welcome. 

To place a resale Marriott listing on this site, simply use the menu on the left to go to the "Resale Center"/ "Add Resale Listing" page.  There you can fill out a form describing the particulars of your Marriott Vacation Club listing. As part of the listing process, you will be required to pay the $15 listing fee via Paypal. Marriott resale listings are good for 365 days.

If you have a Paypal account, you will be able to use that. If you do not have a Paypal account, you can still use your credit card with Paypal to pay the listing fee.

Modifying a Marriott Timeshare resales listing

You will have access to your listing(s) for the purpose of modifying or removing them by using the menu at the left by going to the "Resale Center" / "Edit or Delete My Listings" link

Renewing or extending a Marriott resale listing

You can renew an expired listing for 365 days, or add 365 days to the current expiration date by going to the "Resale Center" / "Renew a Listing" link at left. The fee is $15.

Searching Our Marriott resales listings

Could not be simpler. Anyone may search the Resales listings -- no membership fee is required to use the resales search engines.  Using the main menu at left, go to "Resale Center" / "Search Resales".  Then select the resort of interest to view the listings. Email the listing party and work directly with them to complete any transaction. Other than facilitating the ability of buyers and sellers to find each other, Ownertrades.com is not involved in any real-estate transactions you may complete.

 Please take note: most of the properties carry a contractual obligation to Marriott called the Right of First Refusal. For such properties, it is the responsibility of the interested parties to ensure that Marriott is given the first chance to buy the property at the agreed-upon selling price.