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Instructions for entering your Marriott resorts for potential exchange

We suggest you print these instructions  for reference as you list your resorts (you need to already have created your account).

1. List any Marriott resorts you own that you would consider exchanging

Go to "Manage My Resorts" / "Add or Delete My Resorts" using the menu at left. Select the Resort/Season combinations you own and add them. You may also delete any Resort/Season combinations you no longer own.

2. Add one or more configurations (e.g. "Full Villa" or "Lockoff") for each resort/season combination

Go to "Manage My Resorts / "Add Resort Configurations" using the menu at left. Click on the "Select" link for a Resort/Season you own, click on the "Yes add a Configuration Name" button, choose a configuration name from the drop down list, and click the "Yes Add This Configuration Name" button. When you are done adding configurations for that resort, click the "No, I'm Done With This Resort/Season Combo" button.

Repeat the process as necessary to list all configurations of each resort you would consider exchanging. For most resorts, there is only one configuration, the Full Villa.

Some Marriott resorts have the ability to be split into a Lockoff and a Master Suite. For these resorts you might list each of the 3 configurations. You must list at least one configuration for each resort or you will not be able to search for exchanges.

3. List the details for each configuration (how many beds, etc.)

Go to "Manage My Resorts" / "Edit Configuration Details" using menu at left. Click on "View My Configurations" for each resort listed. Click on "Check Details Of This Configuration", then on the "Edit This Data" button. Enter the proper descriptions for the configuration. Use the "Comments" box to provide any additional information someone considering an exchange with you might need to know. Click the Update button.

Repeat this process until you have desribed the details of every configuration you are offering for potential exchange.

You will be unable to use the exchange search engines if you have not completed the process described on this page for at least one resort / season / configuration you are offering for potential exchange.

4. List the Marriott resorts to which you would consider exchanging. Do this for each Resort/Season/Configuration you have listed above.

Go to "Exchange Center" / "Manage Exchange Preferences" and click on the "Select" link for one of your listed configurations.

Click on the "Add Another Trade You Would Consider" button, select a Marriott resort from the drop-down list, and then on the "Yes, Add This Resort to my Potential Exchanges List" button. To add more resorts you would consider trading to, click the "Add Another Trade You Would Consider" button. You can add as many potential exchanges as you would like. You can also remove potential trades in which you no longer have interest.

Repeat the process until you have added your exchange preferences for every Marriott Resort / Season / configuration that you own.

You must complete this process for at least one Resort / Season / Configuration you have offered for potential exchange in order to gain access to the exchange search engines.

5. To  access the exchange search engines.

What you have done so far gets you the free exchange membership. Others doing searches for an exchange may find your resort listing(s) and contact you to arrange an exchange.

If you want to be more pro-active, then the $12 membership allows you access to the search engines for 12 months, and you can find other owners, contact them, and arrange all the exchanges you can muster for free. To get that paid membership, simply go to the Exchange Center and click on Find an Exchange. You will be given the opportunity to pay for the $12 membership at that time if you have not already done so.