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Terms and conditions

By opening an account with this website, you agree to abide by these website Terms and Condtions. These terms and conditions may be modified from time to time; when a significant modification is made, a notice will be placed on the "home" page. It is your responsibility to remain aware of these terms and conditions, and you agree that your use of the search or listing facilities of Ownertrades.com is an ongoing affirmation of your agreement to these terms and conditions.

You agree to make no misrepresentation regarding your name, your email address, phone number, any property or Marriott Destination Points you own or list for potential exchange, rental, or resale, or any other information you submit.

You certify that you are authorized to list any property you submit for inclusion in our exchange, resale, or rental databases. This normally means you are the owner of any property you list for potential exchange, or that you are either the owner or a broker authorized by the owner to submit any resale or rental listing.

You understand that as a member of or lister on Ownertrades.com, you will occasionally receive an email sent to all members and listers by the webmaster, and you acknowledge that you agree to receive such emails. (This condition is added because some states are passing anti-spam laws which are so aggressive they would prevent us from sending such emails. For example, once a year we send such an email as a means of determining what email addresses in our database are no longer valid and should be deactivated. This condition was permanently added 6/12/2003.

You agree not to make use of email addresses found using the search engines of Ownertrades.com for any purpose other than arranging exchanges or investigating rentals or resales for yourself. In particular you agree not to make any commercial solicitations of any kind to Ownertrades.com members or listers, and you agree not to make Ownertrades.com member's or listers email addresses available to any third party. Violation of these conditions is grounds for immediate removal of your data from Ownertrades.com and loss of your right to search the database. The webmaster reserves the right to allow, by permission, special-case use of culled email addresses from this database by Ownertrades.com members in situations where the webmaster determines the usage is of benefit to it's members (for example, forming an owners newsgroup for a given resort).

You agree to have your form-submitted information added to our website databases, and you understand that these databases can be searched by other users, who could then contact you by email concerning exchange arrangements, or by email or phone concerning your rental or resale listings. In no case will ownertrades.com make available information other than your email address in exchange searches. For rental and resale listings, both email and phone numbers are shown to facilitate contact by interested parties. Destination Points listings show only email addresses.

In consideration of the facts that Ownertrades.com has no knowledge of with which owners you may undertake to make trading, rental, or resale arrangements, and that Ownertrades.com does not act as an agent for either party, Ownertrades.com disclaims all liability for any perceived or real losses incurred, and you agree that Ownertrades.com has no responsibility for the success of any arrangements you may make with other owners or their brokers, and you release, indemnify, and hold Ownertrades.com and it's Principals harmless from any losses, claims, or damages related to any arrangements you may undertake or disputes that may arise.

In consideration of the fact that Ownertrades.com has no credit card transaction capabilities, and maintains no credit card information or database, and in consideration of the fact that all credit card payments to Ownertrades.com and it's Principals are made through www.paypal.com (PayPal™) using their secure transaction processes, you agree to hold Ownertrades.com and it's Principals harmless from any losses, claims, or damages related to your credit card.

In consideration of the fact all Ownertrades.com fees are very modest, and some services free, you agree to indemnify and hold Ownertrades.com, its affiliates, officers, directors, Principals, and employees harmless from any claim or demand whatsoever relating to or arising out of the Ownertrades.com service.

Ownertrades.com agrees that it will not sell or give any other party it's database information, or make any of the database information available to anyone in any other form than by the search forms that are maintained on the site for the purpose of finding trading partners, or facilitating resale and rental listings. An exception to this would be in the case all or part of the Ownertrades.com business were to be sold to a third party, in which case, the corresponding database information would pass to the new owners.

In consideration of the fact that Ownertrades.com has no control over the information provided by its users, or over the performance of the Internet Service Provider that hosts Ownertrades.com, Ownertrades.com makes no warranties or guarantees of any kind regarding the accuracy of the information in its database, the on-line availability of its database, or the performance or responsiveness of the system. Furthermore, since all Ownertrades.com fees are very modest, no recourse or reimbursement will be provided for any down time, causing OwnerTrades.com to be unavailable, that may occur during any period which any exchange, listing or advertising material is scheduled to be presented.

You agree not to provide your password to any other person, or to use a password provided by someone else to access the password-protected portion of the Ownertrades.com website.

Your involvement in excessive disputes, misuse of passwords, attempts to "hack" or in any way abuse the resources of Ownertrades.com, are grounds for removal of your information from the Ownertrades.com database, and to deny you password access to the site. For these, or any other reason whatsoever that Ownertrades.com deems sufficient, Ownertrades.com reserves the right to deny access to any user, and/or eliminate from it's database any user's data.

Refunds of payments made to Ownertrades.com are generally unavailable.

In spite of all the above terms and conditions, we strive to make Ownertrades.com a fast, easy-to-use, responsive site, so that you will find membership worthwhile.