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About this site for Marriott Vacation Club owners

Ownertrades.com was put in place by a Marriott Vacation Club owner and has been in continuous operation since January 1, 2001. This updated version was put in place Jan. 1, 2012.

The original and primary focus of the site is facilitating free exchanges amongst Marriott owners; the ability for owners to list rentals and resales was subsequently added at the request of owners.

Destination Points resales and rentals were put in place in 2014. For  a better understanding of Destination Points resales and rentals, click on the Points Center in the navigation menu at the left.

Conduct of business

The business of this site is conducted by email. Anyone needing to contact us can do so using the contact form in the "About Us" section of the site menu at left.  The webmaster will generally respond within 24 hours.

This site is automated, providing users with immediate access when an account is created. All resort information entered by users is available to them for modification or deletion at any time.

Data security

All user data is protected by individual usernames and passwords.  The user is responsible for keeping his own password private.  User-inputted data regarding user-owned resorts stored in our databases is made available only via the search engines designed for that purpose.

Payment security

There are small payments involved in listing resale and rental units, and an annual payment for access to the exchange searches.

All payments are made using your credit card and the secure transaction processes of Paypal.  Ownertrades.com does not collect or store credit card information.


Any person may view and search the resale and rental listings on this site.

In order to search the exchange listings, or to list a unit for rent or resale, you are required to become a site member by creating an account with this site. Creating an account carries a small one-time fee of $2 (primarily to prevent automated web-bots and non-owners from cluttering the account database with meaningless accounts).

Fee structure

The fees for site members are:

  • Completing an exchange: FREE
  • Adding exchange listings: FREE
  • 12 month access to exchange search engines: $12
  • Listing a Week or a Destination Points rental (good for 90 days): $5
  • Listing a Week or a Destination Points Membership resale (good for 365 days): $15