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How direct Marriott exchanges work

The service we provide:

We maintain on this website an Exchange Database of Marriott Vacation Club®  timeshare owners and their resorts, along with a selection of Marriott resorts to which they would consider exchanging. No "banking" of weeks is involved.

You can choose a free exchange membership (just add your resort(s) and exchange preferences  to the website), and wait for another owner to find you. Or the more pro-active paid membership ($12 to access the exchange search engines for a year, and arrange all the free Marriott exchanges you can muster at no cost).

There are several types of database searches you can conduct, and they are all simple and fast.

The simple process for becoming an Ownertrades.com exchange member

Setting up for exchanges involves three steps, and positions you to save a lot of money in exchange fees!

Step 1: Create an account if you have not already done so. Use the menu on the left to create your account. You will choose a username and password, and you will also be required to pay a one-time $2 account setup fee as part of the process (you will need to pay via Paypal and your credit card).

Step 2: (The Free Exchange Membership) -- Enter your Marriott properties and exchange preferences so that others may find you when searching the Exchange Database.  You are not "banking" your Marriott timeshare property, and you are not making any commitment when you enter your properties. You are simply listing places you might consider exchanging to.  You may post as many exchange situations as you wish. Your data will be added to the database, and other owners will be then able to find you as they search for trading partners.

Step 3:  (The Paid Exchange Membership) If you want to be pro-active and do searches for Marriott exchange partners yourself, pay the $12 fee which gives you access to the exchange search engines for twelve months. There are no fees for actually executing exchanges with other Marriott owners, and no limit to the number of Marriott - to - Marriott exchanges you can work up. There are no additional fees besides the $12, no matter how many exchanges you arrange.

To get that paid membership, simply go to the Exchange Center and click on "Find an Exchange". You will be given the opportunity to pay for the $12 membership at that time if you have not already done so.

The no fee exchange process

Once you have found trading candidates in our database, you contact them directly via email and make trading arrangements. Ownertrades.com does not participate in arranging the details of the trade -- that is arranged between you and the person with whom you will be trading, and it is up to you and your trading partner to make sure that the arrangements you have worked out are compatible with your Villa's check-in process.

You make a reservation at your Villa at the time your trading partner desires, and have your trading partner and those staying with him(her) recorded as your guests. Your trading partner does the same thing, arranging a time you desire at his (her) Villa, listing you and those who will be staying with you as guests. Ownertrades.com is not familiar with the details of handling guest reservations at all the resorts, so it is you and your trading partner's responsibility to work with each other and the Villas to make sure everything is in order. It's a good idea to have Marriott send confirmations to your "guests" and vice-versa.

That's all there is to it. You and your guests check in to your trading partner's Villa for your vacation, and your trading partner and his guests check in to your Villa for their vacation.

Be sure that you both have verified with your and your trading partner's Villa check-in desks that all the details are in order, down to every last detail including independent check-in by the guests and their receiving keys when they check in.