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Advertising is available on this website, as indicated by the ad positions to the right and left.

Notice to brokers: This website supports the ethical timeshare business ideals of the Licensed Timshare Resale Brokers Association (LTRBA).  Banner ads representing timeshare brokers will only be accepted from LTRBA member or affiliated organizations.

Types of banner ads available

All but one of the banner ads on this site (and the only kind still available) are dedicated banner ads.  If you purchase a dedicated banner ad, your ad will always appear in its original position.

When a user changes to a new page on this website, the same dedicated banner ads will always show in their position.

All ads are linked to the corresponding advertiser's website.

Banner ad pricing

Type of Banner AdCost
A dedicated banner on the right. Always there. Never changes: $200 per year
All 5 positions of a shared banner in the top right position, allowing placement of 5 different versions of your ad in that position. Reserved. No more are available. $250 per year

Use the Contact Form  on this site for any inquiries.

Paying for your banner ad

After the webmaster has set up your ad for you, and you have created your account on this website, you may make your banner ad payment here