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Testimonials from our members

Over the years, members have occasionally sent us unsolicited, positive emails,  some of which we have included (with their permission) as testimonials below.

Kathy says:

"I want to tell you how much we appreciate your having created this site! We're making a trade for Aruba next year, a trade for Kauai the following year, and a trade for Marbella the year after that. We recently bought into the Destination Points program, and think the best deal is still to "trade" our week using this site and then use our points to enhance our trip."

Chris says:

"We sold our gold week at Marriott's Grand Ocean in less than 2 weeks without a brokers fee! This is a great service for Marriott owners."

Jack says:

"I signed up with OwnerTrades.com, and within 2 weeks I found a fellow Marriott Owner interested in trading with me. We swapped weeks and are both very happy. I think OwnerTrades.com is well designed and easy to use; I will be using it again in the future. The more Owners that sign up, the better the chances of finding a great exchange."

Lisa says:

"Thanks so much for this site. Another member and I just arranged a trade where she gave me her Maui and I gave her my Kauai - - now we can enjoy each other's islands!! We are both thrilled! You provide a great service."

Ric says:

"I find that exploring trading possibilities to other Marriott locations is easier and quicker using the search facilities of OwnerTrades.com than it is with the Marriott / Interval International System. It's a great tool and having both systems available is a plus for Marriott Owners."

Mike & Kathleen say:

 In 2004, we used Ownertrades.com to exchange our Maui Ocean Club villa for a family reunion week at Horizons Orlando. It took less than two weeks to hook up with another Marriott owner. All of the Marriott owners we corresponded with were friendly and courteous. The web site exchange search engine is very easy to use and flexible. If you enjoy the Marriott Vacation Club experience then this is the first place to look for an exchange with other Marriott owners.

Estelle says:

."I just tried it and the service worked perfectly! I even got a match on a property I want. This will keep Interval International on their toes. Thanks for providing this service to Marriott Owners."

Ken Says:

We haven't sold our re-sales listing yet, but we've received several inquiries so we know your site is working for us."

Karen says:

"I think the OwnerTrades.com web site is a really impressive nice way to trade."

David says:

"Ownertrades.com is an awesome concept -- much better than going through Interval International. $10/year is a bargain for such a capability."

Phyllis, a non-Marriott owner asks:

"Do you have a similar website for non-Marriott owners?" (Sorry, we don't.)

Dick says:

"I like the design of the OwnerTrades.com web site; it is very easy to navigate."

David K. says:

"I was undecided about what to do with my 2002 year, thinking I might trade for points, but nonetheless, I listed on OwnerTrades as willing to trade. Another OwnerTrades.com member contacted me, we exchanged a bunch of email, figured out the logistics, called Marriott, and we now both have reservations at each others home resort. It went well. All it takes is willingness, and a little trust."

Mark says:

"I used OwnerTrades.com to arrange a trade into Orlando for next year. It worked very well."

Cathy says:

" I made a trade with another Marriott Owner a while back, and have another coming up soon. I have been real happy with the results."

Charles says:

"Keep up the good work -- I set up a great trade this year with your service."

Brad says:

"I just browsed the database for the first time, and find this will be very helpful."

Suzanne says:

"Great site, thanks. I was happy to pay the membership fee."

Vickie says:

"This is a great website!"

Audrey says:

"I can't believe such a wonderful site."

Paul says:

"I really enjoy your website and feel that it is a truly valuable resource for Marriott owners."

Carol says:

"We arranged a very successful trade with our Kauai Beach Club week for a stay at the Newport Coast Villas last summer, we hope to use the service again."

Marion says:

"I had a wonderful experience trading properties in Hawaii. Couldn't get anything through Interval or the Marriott desk, but I was able to do it through Ownertrades.com. Thanks for creating this site -- it's been long overdue."

Jackie says:

"I have even considered selling my unit because of dissatisfaction with the exchange process using Interval International. I am so glad I found Ownertrades.com and hope to use it to exchange to other Marriotts"

Frank says:

"This is a nice site! I have it bookmarked as a favorite because everyday I go in and look at the resales to see if the exact one I want has been listed yet"

Ellen says:

"We have our trade this summer, thanks to your site. 10 dollars and we are at Newport Coast facing the ocean!"

 Dan says:

"I've sold my Grande Vista resort. The buyer used your website to contact me and the transaction went smoothly. Thank you for your help"

Got a testimonial you would like to share here? Use the "About Us" / "Contact Us" link in the menu on the left and send it to us.