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What's new on this website

Marriott Destination Points resales and rentals are now supported

In the Resale Center and the Rental Center of this site you will now find the ability to add listings of Marriott Destination Points Resales and Marriott Destination Points rentals in addition to the ability to add normal Marriott week resales or rentals.

The concept of Marriott Destination Points resales and rentals may be confusing. We have added some further explanation of those terms at the Points Center in the Navigation menu on the left.

You have more control

The former website was not automated, so you needed to contact the webmaster for any changes to your own records.

On this site, you have a private account, and you can login with your own username and password, with the ability to view, modify, update, or delete your own records at any time.

Your records are immediately available

Again, since the website is now automated, any new records you add to the database, or any modifications and updates you make are immediately available. No waiting for the webmaster to make changes for you.

This is true for all the databases on this site: the Exchange Database, the Rental Database, and the Resale Database, as well is your own account information.

Your exchange search membership is for 12 months

Now your access to the exchange searches lasts for 12 months from the time you pay the exchange search fee. On the old site, membership for each year lasted only until the end of the year, so someone joining in June, for example, only had access for the last 6 months of the year.  That limitation has been removed, so such a person now would have access until the following June before needing to renew.

The resort seasons are correct

On the previous website, only the metallic "bronze", "silver", "gold", and "platinum" season choices were available. So owners of resorts having other season descriptors such as "sport" or "holiday" had to make an educated guess as to which metallic season that would correspond to.

This new site uses the same season designations for each resort that Marriott uses on their resort calendars, so there is no more guessing.

You can now separately list lockoff units

On the previous site, there was no way to indicate whether the unit you were offering for exchange was a Lockoff, a Master Suite, or the Full Villa. And consequently, if you were searching for an exchange it was not obvious what configuration the listing you found was, so you had to inquire that information from the lister.

This new site gives you the ability to separately list  the configurations "Full Villa", "Master Suite", or "Lockoff" for potential exchange. And it allows for a complete description of each configuration.