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Marriott Timeshare Exchanges, Marriott Resales and Rentals, Marriott Destination Points Rentals and Resales

Free Marriott Exchange Center for Owners. Exchange for free. Buy or sell Marriott rentals and Marriott resales via brokers or owners themselves. Marriott Vacation Club ®  timeshare and Marriott Destination Points resales, rentals, and free exchanges are all facilitated by this website. All Marriott Vacation Club week or Marriott Destination Points rental and resale listings have small listing fees. This site currently offers:

3047Marriott exchanges offered by 2624 Members of this site
1Marriott week resales0Marriott Destination Points membership resales
0 Marriott week rentals0Marriott Destination Points rental listings

Marriott Exchanges - We have 2624  Marriott owners offering 3047  exchanges.

Since 2001 we have been facilitating free exchanges amongst Marriott Vacation Club®  owners. Here you can arrange with another owner to get exactly the exchange you want, when you want it. No exchange fees!

Marriott Timeshare Resales - We have 1  active Marriott weeks resale listings.

Marriott owners, or brokers on their behalf (we generally recommend using a broker or closing agent since timeshare resales can be complicated),  may list Marriott timeshare units for sale at our Resale Center.  A listing costs only $15 and is good for a year.

Any site visitor may search the Marriott resale listings, contact the listing person or agent, and work out an agreeable sale between themselves.  (we recommend owners use an experienced broker or closing agent for resales)

Marriott Destination Points Membership Resales - We have 0  active Destination Points membership resale listings.

Recent owners own Marriott Destination Points instead of weeks. When they wish to sell their ownership, it is listed as a Destination Points Membership resale. The purchaser (after paying some Marriott fees) becomes a member in full standing, with ability to use their points to reserve at any Marriott resort. The listing fee is $15 per year, same as for a Marriott week resale listing.

Any site visitor may search the Marriott Destination Points resale listings, contact the listing person or agent, and work out an agreeable sale between themselves. 

Marriott Timeshare Rentals - We have 0  active Marriott weeks rental listings.

Marriott owners (or realtors on their behalf) can list Marriott timeshare units for rent at our Rental Center.  A listing costs only $5 and is good for 90 days.

Any site visitor may search the rental listings, contact the listing person or agent, and work out an agreeable rental between themselves. 

Marriott Destination Club Points "Rentals"- We have 0  owners offering to sell "extra" Marriott Destination Club points for one-time use (referred to as "rentals") to other Destination Points members.

Destination club members who have extra points they cannot use may list them at our Destination Club Center along with an asking price.

Any Marriott Destination Club member can do a search to find owners with available points, contact them, and make mutually agreeable arrangements to have the points transferred for their own use in making or extending a reservation.

You need an account on this website in order to obtain your private username and password to gain access to the exchange search engines to find free Marriott exchanges, or to post Marriott resale and Marriott rental listings. Simply searching resale and rental listings does not require an account.